1. When were the first Olympic games held?

The first Olympic games were held in 776 BC. For more info: The Olympic games.

2. Which were the events in the ancient Olympic games?

The Greeks competed in running over several distances, the pentathlon, combat sports and horse races.

3. How many spectators came to the ancient Olympic games?

In the stadion of Olympia was place for about 50 000 spectators. For more info: The spectators.

4. Were women allowed to participate in the games?

Women were not allowed to participate in the games for men, but there were separate games for women only. For more info: Women and sport.

5. In what kind of clothes did the Greeks exercise?

The Greeks wore no clothes at all, they exercised naked. For more info: Athletic nudity.

6. Did the victors receive a financial reward?

At the most important games, e.g. the Olympics, the victors only received a crown of leaves. But in their home town they could expect a rich reward. For more info: Rewards at the home town and Prizes for the victors.

7. Did the ancient Greeks already run the marathon?

The marathon was first introduced at the first modern Olympics of 1896, but the contest commemorates the famous running achievement of a messenger after the battle near Marathon in 490 BC. For more info: Marathon.

8. Who were the most famous athletes in Antiquity?

There were many famous athletes in Antiquity: e.g. the pankratiast Arrichion, the boxers Diagoras and Melankomas or long-jumper Phayllos. For more famous athletes: Greek sport: the events and the athletes.

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