The Athenian pankratiast Kallias, son of Didymias, won a victory at the Olympic games in 472 BC. He also won twice at the Pythian games, five times at the Isthmian games, four times at the Nemean games and once at the great Panathenaia. Since he won each of the four great games, he was the first Athenian periodos-victor. On the occasion of his Olympic victory, a statue of Kallias was erected at Olympia. Of this statue, made by the Athenian sculptor Mikon, the base with an inscription has been preserved.

P113After his career as a sportsman, Kallias made a career as politician. He probably was a political opponent of Perikles. By putting up on the akropolis an inscription remembering his victories , he made an appeal to the public opinion. This had not the effect he had hoped for. Kallias was banished by ostracism. In this type of election, every Athenian citizen could write on a potsherd the name of a politician, who in his opinion had to leave the city for ten years. When a person received 6000 or more votes, he was banished. On the market in Athens some of these sherds with the name of Kallias were found by archaeologists.

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