Dorieus of Rhodes

P077Dorieus was the youngest and most successful son of the Rhodian athlete Diagoras. He was active in both boxing and pankration and was a multiple periodos-winner. At the Olympic games he won the pankration in 432, 428 and 424 BC. Several times he won at the Pythian games and as much as eight times at the Isthmian and seven times at the Nemean games.

After his career as a sportsman Dorieus became an influential politician. He belonged to the anti-Athenian party on Rhodes and led the Rhodian revolution against the Athenian hegemony. The three independent city-states of the island of Rhodes were united in 408/407 BC, probably likewise under the influence of Dorieus. During the Peloponnesian war Dorieus fought at the side of Spartans, with ships he financed personally. Once, he was taken prisoner by the Athenians, but because of his fame as an athlete he was released. In 395 BC, when Rhodes had changed sides, he was taken prisoner by the Spartans and was less fortunate. They executed Dorieus.

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