Euthymos of Lokroi, a city in southern Italy, was a boxing champion. His three Olympic victories, in 484, 476 and 472 BC, are mentioned on the base of his statue at Olympia. In 480 BC he participated in the Olympic games as well, but he lost the finals against the famous Theagenes. This athlete entered the boxing and the pankration-competition, but he was so exhausted after his boxing victory over Euthymos, that he withdrew from the pankration. The hellanodikai thought he had only participated in the boxing to provoke Euthymos and imposed him a heavy fine, though he could keep his title.

After his last victory at Olympia, Euthymos stopped on his way home at the small town of Temesa, which was scourged by an evil ghost. Every year the inhabitants sacrificed a young girl to the ghost. When Euthymos saw the girl, he fell in love and fought the ghost. He defeated him and received the honour of a Greek hero.

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