Marcus Aurelius Demostratos Damas

Demostratos Damas was the great champion of the years AD 160-170. His main talent was the pankration, in which he had already obtained victories as a boy, but he was also a very successful boxer. He was twice periodos-victor and also won in a lot of other games. He is one of the best documented athletes of Antiquity. His honorific inscriptions are spread all over the Mediterranean and we even have his handwriting on a papyrus from Egypt!

Demostratos Damas originally came from Sardes (in present day Turkey), but he received civic rights of more than ten other cities during his career.

In the years AD 180-190, after his career as a sportsman, he became one of most important officials of the international athletic guild. He was high priest and president for live. As the head of the imperial baths, he was even in close contacts with the imperial court.

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