This website was made at the university of Leuven (Ancient History department) by Willy Clarysse and Sofie Remijsen, and was translated to Chinese at the University of Beijing (by Haiying Yan), and to Arabic at the university of Leuven (by Helge Daniëls, Department of Arabic Studies).

The website was made before the Olympics of 2008 in Beijing, and received an update in the summer of 2012.

Initiator & co-author

Willy Clarysse

Prof. Dr. Willy Clarysse is connected to the department of Ancient History at KULeuven and is a specialist in the study of Greek papyri from Egypt. For many years he has taught classes on Greek athletics to Bachelor and Master students.


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Sofie Remijsen

Dr. Sofie Remijsen is also connected to the department of Ancient History at KULeuven. She is specialized in Greek athletics from the Hellenistic period to late antiquity and defended in March 2012 her dissertation on the end of Greek athletics.


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Layout, English and Dutch pages: Mathias Claessens & Bart Van Beek
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Arabic pages: Helge Daniëls, Jana De Graef, Sarah Desmedt, Saraa Saleh, Sebastiaan Willaert, Paul Willocx
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Faculteit Letteren – Onderzoekseenheid Oude Geschiedenis



Chinese pages: Haiying Yan, Wen Jing, Wan Xiang
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Peking University
Department of History


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