How to use this website

The website was made shortly before the Olympics of 2008 in Beijing, and received an update in the summer of 2012. It website contains over 180 pages devoted to different aspects of ancient sport and spectacle. They are written by specialists and based on recent studies on academic level.

The pages are accessible through abundant links and through the introductory pages of five main themes:
- Olympia (on the buildings on the site of Olympia),
- Games (on many different games and on the way they were organized),
- Events & Athletes (on the different types of sport, on the way of life of athletes, and on famous ancient champions),
- Background (of the social background of the athletes, the ideology behind athletics and on the links between sports and politics) and
- Impact (on the perception of ancient athletics in art and literature, and on the reception in the modern world).

As this website is meant for educational purposes, all the more than 180 pages are relatively short (less than 1 page A4), contain illustrations and are linked to other pages and translations of ancient sources.

Background information on the 190 illustrations, as well as larger images, can be accessed by clicking them.

Many pages contain following icon: Clicking it gives access to 120 source texts in translation, which are all linked to the, usually Greek, original. The icon typically follows a statement and shows how we know about this particular fact. This can help to show students how our contemporary knowledge of Greek sport (and any other aspect of history) is always a construction.

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