Pausanias VI 15, 3

During his visit to Olympia Pausanias saw the statue of Kleitomachos and used the occasion to tell more about this famous athlete.

The statue of Kleitomachos of Thebes was dedicated by his father Hermokrates. His glorious deeds are the following. At the Isthmian games he won the men’s wrestling and on the same day he defeated all the participants in the matches of boxing and pankration. His Pythian victories, three in number, were all in the pankration. In Olympia Kleitomachos was the second – Theagenes of Thasos was the first – to be proclaimed as victor in both pankration and boxing. His first victory he won in the pankration in the 141th olympiad. In the following olympiad this Kleitomachos took part in the pankration and the boxing. On the same day Kapros of Elis wished to participate in both wrestling and pankration. When Kapros had already won the wrestling, Kleitomachos explained to the hellanodikai it would be just if they brought in the pankration before he received injuries in the boxing. They said this was logical and so the pankration was brought in. Though Kleitomachos was defeated by Kapros, he nevertheless fought the boxers with strong spirit and without injury.


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