Pausanias VI 11, 4-5

In connection with the statue of Theagenes, Pausanias tells the following about this famous athlete:


The most famous achievements of Theagenes, which happened at the Olympic games, I have already discussed earlier in this work. How he beat the boxer Euthymos and how he was fined by the Eleans. … In the next olympiad Theagenes won a victory in the pankration. Also at Delphi he won three victories, all three in the boxing, and at Nemea nine and at the Isthmian games ten, in the pankration and the boxing. In Phtia in Thessaly he did not participate in the boxing or the pankration, but he wanted to become famous among the Greeks also for running and he beat all the participants in the dolichos. I think it was his ambition to rival Achilles in the home town of the fastest of all so-called heroes. In total he won 1400 crowns.



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