Pausanias VI 20, 8-9

Pausanias’ description of the stadion:

At the end of the row of statues, which are made from the fines for the athletes (= the Zanes), there is what they call the ‘hidden entrance’. Through this entrance the hellanodikai and the competitors enter the stadion. The stand consists of an artificial mound of earth, but for the presidents of the games seats are constructed. Opposite the hellanodikai there is an altar in white marble. Seated on this altar a woman, the priestess of Demeter Chamyne, watches the Olympic games. This office is awarded to a different woman every time. Unmarried girls are not barred from watching. At the end of the stadion, where the start for the stadion runners is constructed, stands a funeral monument which is, according to the Eleans, of Endymion.


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