Lucianus, Aëtion/Herodotus 1-2

Lucianus (second century AD) thought that Herodotus (fifth century BC) gained his popularity thanks to a performance at the Olympic games.

He considered how he and his work could become known and famous in the quickest and least troublesome way... He decided to catch all the Greeks together somewhere, if it were possible. The great Olympic games were at hand and Herodotus thought that this was the occasion for which he had hoped so ardently. He waited until the festival had reached its peak and the elite of everywhere had assembled and then he went for the temple chamber. He presented himself not as a spectator but as a participant in the Olympics. He recited his histories and so enchanted the audience that his books were called after the Muses, for they too were nine in number.
And immediately everyone knew him much better than the Olympic victors themselves. There was no one who had not heard of the name of Herodotus - some heard it at Olympia, others learned it from those who came back from the festival.


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