Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae X 412 d-f

Legendary stories were told about the appetite of famous athletes:

The athlete Theagenes devoured a bull on his own, as Poseidippos says in his epigrams: "On an assembly I once ate a Maeonian ox, for my ancestrial Thasos could not have furnished a meal for Theagenes. Whatever I ate, I kept asking for more. For this reason I stand in bronze, holding forth my hand."
According to Theodorus of Hierapolis, in his book about competitions, Milon of Kroton used to eat twenty pounds of meat and as many of bread and he drank three jars of wine. In Olympia he lifted a four-year-old bull on his shoulders and carried it around the stadion. Afterwards he cut it in pieces and ate in on his own in a single day.


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