Pindarus, Ol. ode 7, 15-17 & 80-86

In poetical language Pindarus sums up the victories of Diagoras.

I may praise, in recompense of his boxing,
that straight-fighting man of prodigious power,
who won a crown by the Alpheos
and at Kastalia. …

… athletic contests, with whose flowers Diagoras
has twice crowned himself. Four times did he succeed
at the famous Isthmos
and time after time at Nemea and in rocky Athens.

The bronze in Argos came to know him, as did the works
of art in Arcadia and Thebes, and the duly ordered games
of the Boiotians
and Pellana; and Aigina knew him victorious
six times, while in Megara the record in stone
tells no other tale.

(transl. W. Race)


The victories at the Alpheios river and the Kastalia source refer to his Olympic and Pythian victories. In the second fragment he refers first to local games on Rhodos - where Diagoras came from -, then to the more famous Isthmian, Nemean and Panathenaic games and then to some smaller local games.

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