Pausanias VI 6, 9-10

In Temesa, a little town in Southern Italy, every year a young girl was sacrificed to a demon, called ‘the Hero’. The athlete Euthymos visited this little town.


Euthymos arrived in Temesa when these rituals for the demon were being observed. He discovered what happened there and wanted to enter the temple to see the girl. When he saw her, he was first moved to pity and then fell in love with her too. The girl promised to marry him if he could save her. Euthymos prepared himself and waited for the demon to come. He conquered him in the fight. The Hero was driven from the land and disappeared under the sea. Euthymos got a splendid wedding and the people from there were forever freed from the demon. I’ve also heard such things about Euthymos: when he had reached a very high age, he in a way escaped death, and thus departed from the world of mankind in a different way.


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