Pausanias V 20, 9-10

Pausanias about the temple of Rhea and the tholos of Philippos:

There is a small temple in Doric style, which they still in my time call the Metroön, preserving the old name. There is no statue of the mother goddess in the temple, but there are standing statues of Roman emperors. The Metroön lies inside the Altis, as does the round building which is called Philippeion. On the top of the roof of the Philippeion is a bronze poppy that ties together the roof beams. This building is by the exit left by the house of the Magistrates. It is made of bricks and columns are standing around it. It was constructed by Philip after the defeat of Greece at Chaironea. There are statues of Philippos of Alexander and with them stands Amyntas, Philippos’ father. These are works of Leochares in ivory and gold, as are the statues of Olympias and Eurydice.


Rhea was a Greek mother goddess. After the Greek word for mother (‘mètèr’), het temple was called the Metroön.

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