Pausanias VI 3, 7

Through Pausanias we know one episode in which there was discussion between the hellanodikai.

The statue of Eupolemos of Elis was made by Daidalos of Sikyon. The inscription on it says reveals that Eupolemos won the stadion for men at the Olympic games, that at Delphi he won two crown for the pentathlon and another at Nemea. About Eupolemos also the following is told: of the three hellanodikai standing at the end of the track, two gave the victory to Eupolemos, but the third awarded it to Leon of Ambrakia. Leon had the two hellanodikai, who had awarded the victory to Eupolemos, fined by the Olympic council.


This episode took place in 396 BC. The two hellanodikai were probably accused of partiality, because they took the site of a fellow-citizen. Despite the decision of the Olympic council it was the name of Eupolemos that was recorded in the victor lists.

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