Pausanias VI 13, 1

Pausanias about Astylos of Kroton:

The statue of Astylos of Kroton is the work of Pythagoras. In three succeeding olympiads he won victories in the stadion and the diaulos. Because at the last two victories he had himself proclaimed as a Syracusan to please Hieron, son of Deinomenes, the citizens of Kroton decided to turn his house into a prison and they destroyed his statue by the Lakinian Hera.


The chronology of Pausanias is not entirely correct. Hieron was tyant of Syracuse between 478 and 466 BC. Astylos won as a citizen of Kroton in 488 and 484 BC and as a citizen of Syracuse in 480. At that moment Gelon, Hieron’s brother, was still ruling Syracuse.

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