Pausanias X 9, 2

Pausanias mentions many Olympic victors in his books about Elis. Later in his work, when he deals with Delphi, he refuses to treat more athletes, because an athlete without an Olympic victory was insignificant. The only exception was Phayllos of Kroton, athlete and captain.

The athletes and the participants in the musical competitions, about which the majority of men does not speak, are hardly worth our attention. About the athletes that do have left a reputation, I have already told in my treatment of Elis. Phayllos of Kroton has no Olympic victory, but at the Pythian games he won two victories in the pentathlon and a third in the stadion. He also fought against the Persians with a ship he had financed himself and had manned with men from Kroton, who were staying in Greece. Of that man there is a statue at Delphi.


Pausanias' books about Elis

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